Eyelash Extensions

Classic lashes: each individual natural lash gets a single extension put on it. This creates more length

and some more volume while still keeping them on the more natural side.

Classic eyelash extensions $90

Classic eyelash extension refill $55


Hybrid: the best of both worlds. Hybrid lashes is the perfect mix of Classics and Russians. Some

lashes get fans and some lashes get one individual extension placed on it. The result is a fuller,

fluffier set of lashes while still being a little less extreme then the Russian lashes.

Hybrid eyelash extensions $99

Hybrid eyelash extension refill $65


Russian: Each individual lash gets a fan of 3-4 lashes applied to it. This creates a super voluminous,

fluffy lash. Perfect for those wanting a much for glamourous look. These fans are carefully

handmade by our lash technician.

Russian eyelash extensions $115

Russian eyelash extension refill $75

A refill must be when you have at least 1/2 a set of lash extensions left. 

We do not refill other clinics lashes, you must have had your fullest with us
to be entitled to the refill price. 

All of our lash sets come in a variety or lengths and curl so there’s something to suit everyone.

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